Brendan and Kate McCarthy – Nantucket, MA

“When we decided to get married on Nantucket, we knew we would face the added challenges that accompany planning a wedding at a remote location.  Of particular concern was getting the right music for the ceremony, the cocktail hour and the reception. We worked with several booking agents and spent the better part of a summer traveling around New England to hear various bands and musicians.  While we heard some great live music, and met some really great people, we struggled to find a band that would be the right fit for our wedding.  After months of striking out, a friend referred us to Danny Gallagher.  We went to see him and his band play and knew from the first song that they were the band for us.  Their talent level, personalities, and versatility were several notches above any band we had looked at.  They also had the unique ability to cover various, contrasting styles of music with ease.  When the big day arrived, they were simply awesome.  In addition to what was on the song list Danny helped us prepare, they took several requests and even played an impromptu song with two of our groomsmen.  When our wedding was done – no one wanted to leave.  We pointed all of the guests to the Brotherhood of Thieves, a local bar on the island, and invited Danny to come too.  He and one of his band members showed up with their acoustic guitars, and kept the bar rocking til close.  Danny and his band literally made our wedding.”

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